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  1. I'm still working on my parents' wedding videos. For an explanation, the videos I asked for help with before are a couple of tapes with unedited footage. They also have some tapes that were edited together. What makes things worse is that the edited videos actually have more than the unedited videos (obviously the unedited videos are just a subset of what was originally taped)

    The very worst of the edited tape has to be a bit looking over the wedding invitation. I've taken a screenshot of this part. As you can see, the chroma channel is completely and utterly messed up. I can fix this through desaturating the scene, but I was wondering if there were any other techniques out there to fix it. I'm assuming the chroma channel got mangled by whatever the guy back in the 80's used to edit the wedding footage together.
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  2. That's probably a still shot. Try averaging multiple frames together. Maybe make it greyscale too since it's probably black print on white paper. As usual, post a sample of the original video, not reencoded with a lossy codec, if you want more specific advice.
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  3. Making it greyscale would absolutely fix it as I mentioned in the first post. It's only the chroma channel that's messed up. Luma is fine, which is why I was asking if there are any other options that might work before I nuke the color.

    Here's a sample. It is compressed with Lagarith.
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  4. I doubt that there is a way to rescue the chroma (may be some of the automatic coloration ideas for Avisynth/Vapoursynth might help, doubt it seeing all the other analog capturing artifacts,...). Personally I would recapture the content assuming that is an option.
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  5. I tried averaging together the chroma of 256 frames thinking it might cancel out the noise. But, although there is a lot of variation from frame to frame, there is also a lot of similarity. So a lot of the chroma noise remained. I also tried subtracting that average noise from each frame. But the individual differences still left a lot of chroma noise. I also tried the above with separate fields but that didn't help either. I don't see any way to eliminate the chroma noise other than to desaturate the chroma.
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  6. Unfortunately, what I have is what I have, and that chroma artifact is baked into the video itself. Given what you two have said, I'll have to just proceed with nuking the chroma in this section. I might try recoloring it as well if I can get it looking decent since it's really just paper, but that's a maybe.

    Thanks for at least taking a look at what was possible.
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