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  1. Hi,
    please respect for cats. Thanks

    I wonder:

    my app to run in compatibility mode is locate on


    If I set the app.exe in compatibility mode (for example WinVistaSP2), windows execute it in compatibility mode WinVistaSP2.

    But if I move the app.exe in another folder, for example y:\dogs\app.exe the compatibility changes don't acts in that folder.

    So I wonder: is there an app or a tool that keep alwais and in every folder the app.exe in compatibility mode?
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    Windows handles the ability to compatibility mode. I've not seen a third party app which will invoke that ability. In any case, moving the file will likely always break the association as the location (ie: y:\dogs ) is the address for how Windows tracks the file. Change the address, and you break the association.
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