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  1. Hi,

    Can somebody help me to figure out how to get all the segments from a video stream (vod). In chrome inspector only shows segments like this. I can download a single segment (small size in kbs) that it won't play at all.
    I don't know where I should start with this? can't find a m3u8 list or mpd or mp4 or anything at all.

    Using URL Snooper I see lot's of and certs.starfieldtech URLs. I assume the video it's about requesting packages encrypted (probably nagra3, not sure to be honest). I know I might be way off track and have no idea what's going on.!d2ERSFNTX1BDX0VOQ...deo=6280000000)

    It's vodafone VOD, so you might have to be a subscriber? I'm just looking for what I should do or if there's a possibility to get the video from there. Thanks!!!
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  2. It's this one:

    Unless somebody has Vodafone TV, not sure they'll be able to do much. Sorry and thanks for trying to help me.
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  3. Need access.
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