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  1. Hi everyone,

    In Spain, there's a tv channel called Boing (free over the air channel) where they show a lot of CN cartoons. They just released an app for ios or android where you can stream whole episodes of several tv shows like Doraemon, Gumball, etc...

    Is there a way to sniff or find out the streaming url m3u8, mpd or m4f? They don't have a webbrowser page (this would be much easier), but because it's an app, I have no idea how to get that link.

    Can anybody help me? Thanks
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  2. probably not on IOS... apple does not like sniffers on its environment
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    If you have an iOS or Android emulator on windows with that app running,it may be possible,tho not entirely sure.
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  4. I tried using bluestocks emulator, but some videos won't play. Also, I've used wireshark and other apps to monitor the traffic and it's not a easy thing. Lot's of encrypted packages, but nothing that looks like a video stream.

    I thought it would be easier
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