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  1. Hi all,

    I bought some tapes from a thrift store the other day and accidentally played a mouldy one in my TV/VCR combo without thinking! I realise these combo units are hardly hi-fi or anything (not that tapes are anyway) but my gran bought me it 20+ years ago so it has some sentimental value, and so I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to clean it out? I don't want to infect any of my other tapes with it, particularly home videos from years ago.

    I've read a few approaches online but they seemed much more suited to cleaning a separate VCR, and I'm guessing those head cleaning tapes you can get won't do a whole lot?

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    Wear a face mask with HEPA filter. Some molds are dangerous — do you want to chance bronchitis or worse? Take the VCR outside away from dwellings and use a vacuum with proper HEPA filter, or blow it out with compressed air. Moldy tapes can be vacuumed and the tape pack can be cleaned (across the edge) with cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide.
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