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  1. Hello guys,
    before I did this post, I have already take a loot on few threads here regarding the same subject but unfortunately I didn't found proper answer.
    I am new in transcript files and I am looking how to easily make subtitle file from transcript file witch is in Word.
    This is the sample of file:

    [Attachment 47971 - Click to enlarge]

    Is there any chance to automate this process or I need to sync somehow this? I don't even know how to properly sync this .
    I presume that this will be hard task?

    Maybe some tool or online tool for sync - just like "Saimon says" or something else?
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  2. You need much finer timing and smaller text segments.

    Two-line sections, much less than 80 characters per line, start times in minutes and seconds, display for 5 seconds, etc. Many formats include a frame count. Not really necessary IMO.

    You also need to eliminate the column formatting and all extra text, simple text file of time and text, this can be imported into many subtitle programs. What you have currently will not.

    You will also need to decide on a particular subtitle format, there are many. Get the formatting right and use notepad for simple text, and no additional work is required.

    Rough example - 3:12:44:15 3:12:48:09 I AM BOB

    Some formats also have screen positioning info, some have this but no known program uses it, closed captions include sound effects and positioning but few progs recognize it, etc., etc.
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