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  1. i am trying to find the plugins i used in Avisynth , to be ported to.
    1.does Avisynth dll's will be usable in vapoursynth? , if not how can i use them or can i convert them myself?

    need stuff like : ColorMatrix,levels,tweak(".."),Hysteria,Sharpen, Blur ,nnedi3(actually got that one working),McTemporalDenoise,GradFun3,Dehalo_alpha.
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    Have you checked
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    VapourSynth has equivalents for all of those. Check the documentation and vsdb.
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  4. colormatrix
    Vapoursynth uses powerful Resize filter, that resizes video resolution, changes colorspaces or bit depth as well. To just change colorspace from NTSCDV format to BT709:

    import vapoursynth as vs
    from vapoursynth import core
    clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip, matrix_in_s = '170m', matrix_s = '709')
    matrix_in_s argument is string input colorspace
    matrix_s means string output value
    matrix_in expects numeric (int) value
    matrix expects also numeric value

    so that '_s' stands for string instead of number

    correlation between numbers and strings as for matrix is:
    {0:'rgb', 1:'709', 2:'unspec', 3:'reserved', 4:'fcc',
    5:'470bg', 6:'170m', 7:'240m', 8:'ycgco', 9:'2020ncl',
    10:'2020cl' , 100:'OPP',
    so for example if your SD resolution is PAL and you for example resize using nnedi3 somewhere in the script , resizing to HD, and then you change colorspace in this line:
    clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip, matrix_in_s = '470bg', matrix_s = '709')
    clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip, matrix_in = 5, matrix = 1)
    that's the same command
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  5. Also be prepared for more restrictive approach, for example if loading NTSCDV with ffms2 source plugin into 4:1:1 (avisource loads NTSCDV as 4:2:0) you have to crop width with mod 4 and height with mode 2, otherwise you'd get error. It would not crop in the middle of subsampling. NTSC 4:1:1 has one color for four x pixels.
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