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  1. Hello today,
    I'm in situation now, when I want to buy a new TV, and its Samsung 2018 model.
    But unfortunately 2018 TV model's built-in player does not support DTS audio. And this type of audio format is almost in every movie.
    So, simple question will be, is these some kind of solution for it?
    Simplest thing is just to rebuild MKV container, extract DTS, convert it, put it back. (But in my case it takes a lot of time) *40mins / 50GB
    I heard that some media servers can transcode this type of audio on the fly.
    Anyone tried to use them in similar cases?

    Also in old threads some user was mentioned that PS3 Media Server do this DTS transcoding on fly. And seems like as this application is not maintained anymore, I need to check Universal Media Server.
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  2. I don't have a solution, but that sucks. I wonder why Samsung removed DTS support? My 2011 model Samsung supports DTS. Maybe it was a licensing issue, or they wanted to save a cent or two?
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