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  1. I remuxed 2 episodes from a single DVD to MKV with subs with DVDFab. Plex wouldn’t play the subs because they were in IDX format. So I extracted the IDX subs with IMKV extract and converted them to SRT with an online converter. The resulting subs were missing text. The first file’s SRT subs didn’t display text until 2 minutes in. I opened the SRT in Aegisub and saw that the early dialogue wasn’t there. So I started from scratch and went a different route.

    I ripped the subs from the DVD with Subrip to Sup file and opened them in Subtitle edit and I discovered why the earlier text didn’t appear. Most of the image based subs when OCR is running appear clear, but the early missing text appears to be very hard to read and may be missing text completely. It would show a sentence in the midst of all this noise. It’s kind of like a snowy tv channel that doesn’t have any signal. The resulting sup file had missing text as well.

    Is this a known issue that has easy fix?

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  2. You need to make sure the subtitle is usable, if it had the issues you said it has, you manually fix it.
    Try to use handbrake, it does this DVD conversions very easy and it can handle subtitles pretty well.
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  3. thank you, I will definitely try this!
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