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  1. I have a hd pvr 60 and have been having some problems with it for sereral months, for some reason i cannot

    record xbox llive party chat when i am recording. When i play back the recording i hear nothing but static noise

    it hasnt done this before until now i have an xbox one, also i a a pair of turtle beach xo fours headset, and i use a

    startech external sound card and i am using the hauppaue chat cables that came with the pvr and still nothings workin

    i dont know what else to do please help me
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    Is this Tyson ? you never said anything about the Mic on Facebook nor anything about chat cable.
    By way have try testing with other audio recorder like Audacity see it pick it up the audio ?.
    In Hauppauge Capture the dose USB Startech Audio Mic device show up in Mic drop down menu ?.
    It sound like you got something maybe misconfigured if was working before see there option to change the Mic to an Line input see that help or the best option is HDMI Audio Embedder and do that way to the chat cable as meant for analog stereo input like with HD-PVR 2 or Rocket to cover that not the HD-PVR 60
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