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    Sample Video:

    Click image for larger version

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    As it was shown above, every episode of Veep has this unconventional style of credits rolling.

    I'm kinda a perfectionist. I see something bothering me, I go fix it.

    So my question is, how do I remove those moving black bars and also restore the original anamorphic definition.

    Do I crop it frame by frame? And what software should I use?

    PS. No Command line please. And Windows GUI is preferred.
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  2. OK, so you don't want AVISynth.

    No matter what program you use, all you do is a crop followed by a resize.

    In Vegas (which is what I use), I would set a keyframe at the point at which the credit bar starts moving, and then set a second keyframe at the point it is finished moving onto the screen. At the second keyframe I'd use the "pan/crop" tool to crop and resize in one operation (you have to turn off the "retain aspect ratio" toggle). The Vegas keyframe will then take care of creating the "tween" frames. If the movement of the credit pillar is not linear, you can either create intermediate frame, or you can try some of the keyframe non-linear movement options.

    Any other NLE that has keyframes will let you do the same thing.
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  3. That particular video will be problematic. It has both duplicate and missing frames. And, even aside from that, the motion wasn't at a constant rate. So you can't use one linear crop/zoom rate.
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    It won't work in any case because they cropped as well as squished. If you unsquish it to 16:9 it will look stretched.
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