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  1. I just got my

    VideoCapture USB 2.0 from HonesTech and installed it.

    The SW I got with it is pretty easy to use but Oh, mu God what low quality and slow !

    1) There are some seconds with at lot of flickering when I start capturing and when the tape is running from 1 scene to the next
    2) nearly no colors ... sometimes it looks as it shold for 1-2 seconds and then turn back to some pale images
    3) every capture has some read/green stripes flickering all over the screen and especially on some parts with some specific colors - it look like people have some clothes on with a flickering striped pattern on - horeable to look at

    I have tried VirtualDUB as a freeware too - it can't even show the capture in preview - just flickering screen !

    Please, some advice is needed here !
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    return your honestech and buy a diamond vc500

    What kind of vcr do you have ?
    clean your vcr or get a better one

    look for a panasonic es10 or es15 to stabilise your input signal

    capture lossless get into avisynth

    do a lot of reading on the forums before posting , most of your questions have been covered hundreds of times
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