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    I have the Panasonic GH5S camera and would like to use it for various live online activities - Skype, Google Hangouts, and OBS.

    The Elgato HD60 gets the camera's footage into OBS, but Skype and Hangouts require footage as a UVC webcam stream so it doesn't work for them. By using OBS's VirtualCam plugin, I can get the footage into Hangouts - but not Skype (for some reason). In any case, I'd rather not have to have OBS running in order to use something unrelated to it.

    I have Magewell's HDMI->USB dongle which transforms an HDMI stream into a UVC webcam stream, but it is temperamental with Skype and Hangouts. I think this is because the camera is sending footage at 20mb/sec, which is being passed by the dongle relatively unchanged, and my Internet connection (10mb/sec upload) can't handle the high data rate, so this system works for OBS (which re-encodes to 4mb/sec before uploading) but not for Skype or Hangouts.

    One option might be Blackmagic's Web Presenter, but it down-scales the footage to 720p and would be external hardware, which I'd rather avoid.

    So what I'm thinking of is one of Magewell's internal capture cards, but before buying I would like to know for sure that it does what I need. To re-cap:

    1. accept a 20mb/sec uncompressed HDMI stream
    2. down-grade it to circa 4mb/sec standard UVC webcam stream which Skype and Hangouts (and OBS) can accept

    Can anyone advise? I'd be very grateful.
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