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    Some years back, Tsunami / Pegasys had a product called Tsunami MPEG DVD Easy Pack Suite.

    One part of this suite was Tsunami MPEG Media Editor Easy Edition, which enabled one to extract and import mpeg files from a recorded DVD, and to render them as an mpeg file.

    Is this capability included in TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 (v6.0.9.11)?
    I have scoured the menus, and I don't see this capability. Perhaps I'm seeing it, but not recognizing it because the nomenclature is unfamiliar to me.

    If not, how might one otherwise render a DVD folder of a scene into an mpeg file?
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    Vob2mpg for dvd-video (dvd video mode)

    DVDvob2mpg for VRO Files (dvd recording mode)
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  3. And MPEG2Cut2.

    However, if using any of them you'll get back interlaced 29.97fps. If the VOBs are soft-telecined it'll be in your best interests to first strip out the telecine using DGPulldown (after demuxing). That way you'll get back progressive 23.976fps, rather than interlaced 29.97fps. And once demuxed, you use ImagoMPEG-Muxer to get the MPG.
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