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  1. Hi folks,

    I welcome everyone to post their thoughts on how a disreputable individual might download protected video, removing all protections, while keeping the video at or near the same quality. Lets say I'm asking so because I'm thinking of creating I prime video rental site, and want to learn what kinda of exposure I might have. And... Lets say... I'm going to call this service Cramazon Prime Video.

    Your Thoughts Please...


    "Leave Your Legacy"

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    Asking about downloading copyrighted material is a violation of our rules. Please read our rules before posting. From our rules:

    Do NOT talk about copying rented/subscription material
    You are not allowed to rip/copy/record rented video. It includes streaming rented/subscribed video like netflix, itunes, hulu plus, etc.
    Thread closed.

    Moderator redwudz

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