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  1. Hi...
    I have multiple Anime and TV Shows with both external & embbeded subtitles...I'm using these settings

    What I'm trying to do is make Potplayer prioritize embedded non-forced english subtitles over external subtitles..however I'm getting these results:

    As you can see, LAV splitter is choosing forced subtitles and PotPlayer is Showing external subtitle only

    I want to make some rules or settings to prioritize subtitles as follows:

    japanese audio -- english subtitles (non-forced)
    english audio -- arabic subtitles
    english audio -- english subtitles (non-forced)

    can someone please help me !
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  2. So you want Japanese audio first priority, English audio second priority? But in LAV Splitter you set "eng,jap" for audio, i.e. the other way around?

    Also: use "jpn" for Japanese, not "jap".
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  3. @sneaker
    Thank you for priorities for audio are english then japanese , however I put japanese first in the subtitles section because I wanted to rule out anime with only japanese audio, I also noticed that some anime labels english subtitle as jpn so I wanted to rule out that option as well, then make a rule for english audio (try arabic subtitles first, if doesn't exist use non forced english subtitles even if they are not default)....

    BTWI changed jap to jpn (how did I miss this )..however Lav filters still choose the default forced english subtitles.
    Prviously I used this rule for Lav splitter:


    it worked making Lav splitter choose non forced non default english, however when used english audio it ignored external arabic subtitles

    I want potplayer to try arabic subtitles first when using english audio, then if arabic subtitles do not exist I want it to show non forced english subtitles....

    I hope I'm not confusing you....
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  4. I think there is a glitch in Lav splitter...even though I set the subtitles mode to (no subtitles), the subtitles still shows...and I didn't forget to disable potplayer own subtitle renderer

    turns out I had AssFilterMod installed and was interfering with my choices...stil, Il haven't manage to come with a combination of settings to make subtitles behave according to my Priorities. Lav Splitter doesn't seem to include external subtitle when using advanced mode rules.
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  5. So, I've finally come up with a compromise combination of settings to make the subtitles work somewhat as I wanted them{ try arabic subtitles then english subtitles (non-forced) }since Lav splitter didn't seem to work with external subtitles when using advanced mode....
    the trick was to let potplayer filter the subtitles....I'm uploading my settings in case someone finds himself in the same situation:

    [Attachment 47893 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 47894 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 47895 - Click to enlarge]

    the rule for preferred language in case you're wandering is:

    arabic ara ar english&subtitles english&dialogue eng&subtitles eng&dialogue en&subtitles en&dialogue eng en

    using this rule no forced english subtitles were shown anymore, even if they were the default subtitles
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