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  1. Yeah, it only shows up when I put a phone near it. When my phone isn't near it this problem doesn't happen. I'll try it with some other phones and tables.

    Camcorder: Sony Digital Handycam TRV520 (I tried this on both of the TRV520s I own, and the same thing happened with the phone)
    Phone: LG Aristo 2
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    Is it a GSM phone? Is it intermittent, before the phone rings or in pulses? If so, it sounds likely it's related to what's going in this thread:[XLR-mic]-Imune-from-cellphone-signal-Entry-level-mic
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  3. This is a RFI interference, none os this cameras had a shield for that.
    All you have to do is to shut it off or put them in airplane mode.
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