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  1. Hello i play some 3840x2160 videos and they play nice.
    But then i download other 3840x2160 videos and i have black bar on top of the video.

    I am using Pot player with madvr filter.

    When i try play video on clean VLC install it play nice. (black bars on top and down) But in potplayer i have only one big black bar on the top. Also if i change filter in Pot Player it show on all screen but distorted or with black bar on top and bottom.

    I try many things in Madvr settings but nothing work.

    Thank you for suggestions.
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  2. Some 4K mkv videos have those black bars, you need to zoom or crop. You can try some options in Preferences > Playback > Aspect Ratio. Try "Stretch by keeping AR", disable "Bottom margin for subs" options, if enabled.
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