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    Panasonic DMR BS850 bluray dvd HDD recorder player ( few yrs old now) with scart input output and hdmi. (expensive and lovely machine)
    I have been using this apart from its ability to record TV broadcasts etc, to capture via scart from an expensive JVC sVHS player recorder, sVHS and VHS recordings the JVC had made over the years, I also back then used it for the TV etc. many blank tapes bought and now taking up too much space ! Prior to this I was using a Panny DMR EH50 same purposes until it died.
    Taken 12 yrs to capture my vast stocks of analog tapes inc betamax and camcorder to be able to view them again. All was fine , not seen this issue until recently, but those sVHS and VHS done this last few months or more are given by the Panny a faint margin top and bottom, each about 1/7 of screen height, its shimmering and a bit more grainy ditto a bottom margin, sometimes I see the bottom margin is repeating in a 'right way up' what the top margin is sitting over. So if there is an aircraft right at top of picture I get to see a very faint image of it at bottom, flying right way up.
    If I play the VHS straight to TV, its fine. Play it from JVC via panny (AV2 input) to TV its fine (both leads scart, all set to RGB throughout, not component which gives a poor image). Hit record and play that back afterwards and I get margins. Get the recording onto the PC, its still got those margins.

    Just tried a betamax which is red white yellow leads into AV3 input at front and again plays fine, recording has a fainter margin, I thought it wasnt there at first, but see it come and go. As such its not just just scart then. If I pause on betamax its gone, on sVHS it goes a bit farker and more 'noisy', sometimes margin is edged (edge nearest screen centre) with a darker section. Also it can come and go a bit, times you think its gone then there it is again.

    same leads in use, all sockets well pushed in etc. TV direct recordings TiVo etc are fine.

    What is going on and what is the fix ? I was hoping to see this long task ended but cant finish captures with this.

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    Not quite getting it from your description. Can you post a snapshot?
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