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  1. Hello,

    I need some help to get a video from this site

    it's geo-restricted to Japan so I use this vpn (instructions)

    I tried a couple of commands with adobeHDS and livestream but I didn't succeed.

    The videos seems to be divided into multiple fragments

    Here's an example of the links
    Here's what I get in the connection tab (multiple links for different fragments)
    [Attachment 47832 - Click to enlarge]

    Hope someone Can help and thanks in advance
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  2. Content encrypted.
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  3. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    Content encrypted.
    I guess it uses widevine, isn't there a workaround for the encryption?
    Maybe trick the website using a different header for the request? or using the site's mobile version?

    Or another possibility I though of, download the video in full (merge the fragments), then finding a decryption script, sth like this
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  4. I'll take a look. Need time.
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  5. Thanks, I really appreciate your help
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