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  1. I notice in the Advanced Settings (of Full Disc), there's an unchecked box that says "Copy non-DVD files"... when I try to look up what exactly this means, all I can find is documentation saying "check this box to copy non-DVD files" which doesn't explain what exactly they are or why it's unchecked by default.

    I'm trying to make full backups of all of my discs... but I don't know if I should also copy these non-DVD files or if the playback or burn to a disc of the backed-up .iso file will be screwed up by these files, or by not having them, or if I'm missing any of the DVD experience by not backing them up.
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  2. I suspect that 'non-DVD files' are data files. Like text stuff or Word files or images orsomething else that doesn't need to be copied unless you want to.
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    Answered by DVDFab staff here:


    If you copy Non-DVD files, you need use DVDFab to burn, or other burning software which can burn Non-DVD files, since some DVD burning software will only burn VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.

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    As TreeTops stated, a DVD Video disc can contain extra files and folders (sometimes contained in a Extras folder) that's ignored by most ripping and burning software. I believe you can put files in the AUDIO_TS folder (which is always empty unless you have a DVD Audio disc), but don't know if they'll be copied or burned.

    I as recall, some early DVD Video discs from companies like Criterion included extras like stills and PDFs contained in separate folders. Note that by DVD Video specs you need both the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS (even though it's empty) when burning.
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  4. You definitely don't want to put anything in the AUDIO_TS folder. Leave it blank. A DVD can have as many folders as you like, and contain as many files as you like. I've shipped thousands of discs which contain extensive "extras," usually still photos, PDF files, MP3s, etc.
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