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  1. I'm not sure I understand why it's doing this or what DTS really is, but when I open a DVD it shows DTS audio unchecked...

    I generally only rip my DVDs, to .iso, for 3 reasons: To backup the full DVD, to backup just the movie portion, or to make TV episode clips; all of these things are uncompressed.

    Sometimes I will make clips or rip a compressed version to watch on someone's DVD player because I don't want to take my purchased DVD over and risk it becoming damaged, lost, or stolen.

    However I just haven't played around with the settings enough to know if DTS matters, or should or shouldn't be checked in certain situations. I simply want as many audio options as possible without screwing anything up but also the ability to disable options when ripping without screwing anything up.

    If it helps, I generally watch the ripped files on VLC or Windows Media Player.
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    Dolby AC3 is the most common format for DVD audio. But other valid formats are DTS, LPCM, and MPA.

    DTS is generally considered to be higher quality than AC3, but some people may debate that. DTS has a bitrate around 1.5Mbps, while the max AC3 bitrate for DVD is 448kbps.

    Because DTS is about 3 times larger than AC3, video quality may have be sacrificed, especially if you compress a DVD9 to a DVD5. This is why DVD Shrink does not select the DTS. Usually a movie will also contain a main AC3 track to maintain compatibility with older players or players that do not support DTS. If you want to keep the DTS make sure it is selected, but be advised of less bitrate available for the video if you are shrinking to DVD5.
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  3. DTS from DVDs is almost always going to be 754.5 kbit/s rather than 1509.75 kbit/s.

    Have you checked this DVDShrink preference? It doesn't mention DTS and I can't remember if "all types" includes DTS.
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    That another reason it unchecks it is its not mandatory for DVD players to support it. So if it was the only stream included some players may put out no audio.
    if all else fails read the manual
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