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  1. Hi all from Spain. Sorry for my english.

    I try to download one video from one page and get playlist.m3u8 with extension for Chrome HLS Downloader.

    I choose full hd and download the file/video (youtube-dl)........but only download video, no audio.

    If I install in firefox the extension The Stream Detector give me two .m3u8:

    One .m3u8 is the video with all the qualities (playlist.m3u8), only video

    The second .m3u8 download it with youtube-dl and is only the audio (.mp4) of video.

    How can I download the video with audio?

    There is some software join video and audio after downloading?

    I do something wrong?

    The video/link in question is this......

    Greetings to everybody and thanks.
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  2. youtube + ffmpeg

    youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio "URL m3u8"
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  3. Hi all. I got to download it with this command

    youtube-dl -f "formatcode of video"+bestaudio "URL m3u8"

    To know the format code of the video is with..... youtube-dl -F "URL m3u8"

    Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    youtube + ffmpeg

    youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio "URL m3u8"
    Thanks for answering, I was able to continue searching to find the solution thanks to your answer.

    Greetings and thanks.
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