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  1. Hello

    I'm trying to download a video from a streaming website
    I've found out the video is segmented with MPEG-DASH format
    so I could find .mpd fild, init.mp4 files for video and audio each, and seg-*.m4s files for video and audio each
    How can I combine these files into the original video file?
    I've downloaded all the segment m4s files with invidownloader but it doesn't help combining m4s files with init.mp4 file
    what should I do?
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  2. @LZAA
    you need to pay to view the video so I don't think the link to the video would help...
    but here's the link anyway
    and here's the link to the mpd file
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  3. Content encrypted: cens.
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  4. Average video editor
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    Paid subscription sites are against the forum rules.
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