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  1. Hi!

    I'm not sure why but my PotPlayer suddenly reverted itself to defaults and I had to redo all my settings/keybinds. That's not the issue however; just background information.

    The problem is simply that the playlist, which used to hide to the right, showing up when the mouse pointer was moved to the right side of the video window, no longer does this when in windowed mode. The feature remains fully functional in fullscreen. I can't find anything under Playlist Settings (accessed by opening the playlist and right clicking it for a context menu) that suggests it could help with this.

    Why is this an issue? I sometimes run PotPlayer on top of another window, say a browser or game, and it is very convenient to have the playlist be part of the video window, but not visible all the time. Adding a keybind could work, but then I'd need to shift focus onto the video window by clicking it or using alt+win; neither a good option (clicking pausing the video and alt+win risking swapping to something else entirely if not careful).

    Can the behavior be restored? *Why* did this happen? I like this player in many ways, but daum, "wink wink", is its menus obtuse and hard to navigate...
    Please help!

    Version: 1.7.16291
    64 Bit
    Windows 10
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  2. Sorry for late reply. If you still not solved this, or for other users.

    Always backup settings for all programs, in PotPlayer it's in Preferences > Export settings button, or/and - Preferences > General > Store settings into .ini file, now just backup the ini file.

    Regarding the issue: Preferences > General > Skins > "Auto hide main window skin...".
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