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  1. This whole business of output settings for rendering has me thoroughly confused. I have a video which I burned to DVD from my PVR. I, in turn, ripped it from DVD and made a few edits on it. Cut some sections out, added a couple jpgs to the front of it and then a couple titles to the end.

    Now I want to burn it back to DVD. But the bewildering choices of output! I want to maintain the optimum quality obviously but at the same time choose the best for DVD. The video file that I edited is 720x404, frame rate of 30,000 and mp4 bit rate of 366,250, as if I know what any of that means. It is just slightly under an hour long.

    What output settings should I use?
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    See this for DVD specs:

    Doesn't your editor have a DVD template ?

    If not, I'd save it as a lossless intermediate file and then re-encode to DVD spec mpeg-2 in AVStoDVD
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