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  1. Hello

    I tried to google this but all I found was information on downloading the program.

    This program has inspired me to give Delphi a go.....

    I got Delphi 7.
    A book and some YouTube tutorials.

    But I can not get it to compile. It keeps telling me some files are missing.

    Class TTntPanel not found.
    Class TTntMainMenu not found.
    Class TTntSaveDialog not found.
    Class TTntOpenDialog not found.

    I'm also having trouble with the required components... I can not find them on the tnt site the documentation says to go to.

    It seems to be some type of donation site. So do I need to pay for the components? I do not have a problem with that if its reasonable. I'm also a bit weary of the site though as I can not even find what am looking for.

    Can anyone here help me to compile it?

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