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    I would very much like to have all the little vids you see here when you go to this link:

    But I've never been able to figure out how to get 'mixes'. I got some clues one time someone suggesting a method that in the end revolved around getting an URL with 'playlist' in it.

    I can't find any such URL here.

    I did try to help myself. Read all through the github page on download/install/configure etc ( but I couldn't identify anything there to help.

    Sorry to be asking something that's doubtless very basic and been asked before....
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    I think youtube-dl-gui does that, you enter the playlist url and it should download all of them.
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  3. Yes, youtube-dl will download the entire play list:

    By default it downloads the best version of each.
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  4. Hi ,

    > Can We Get All The Vids From A 'Mix' With One Command?
    I guess : NO .

    > By default it downloads the best version of each.
    It downloads ALL VIDEOS inclued in the main page !
    During my try there were 106 vids instead of 26 needed !

    Cheers .
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    Before I get to worrying about it downloading too many I've got this worry about I can't get it to download where I want.

    The only place it seems to want to put things is c:/Windows/SysWOW64.

    I put a .config file in C:/users/myname and i got an error: ERROR: unable to open for writing: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'c:\\youtubedlstuff

    I thought that might be a permissions problem so I set User permission for Full or All or whatever it's called. But it made no difference.

    I am logged on as Admin. I'm using Powershell Admin mode.

    So I thought to move over to the D: drive where Windows might not be so protective. So changed config to point there. Got the same result only naming the D: directory this time.

    I don't understand those doubt '//' slashes. Makes me think I've made a naming fault in a config line somewhere but I can't see it.

    Also put a config text file in appdata/roaming following web hints on Stack Overflow but that didn't help, either.

    So I tried command line over-ride and put the argument -o etc. right there on the command line. didn't help.

    I have the latest version. I did the update thing and it worked.

    What's going on? This WOW64 folder is all to do with 32 bit and 64 bit. I know that. But nothing more.

    I have youtube-dl working as part of a 'yt-dl Dropper' installation and that works fine. No problems. So I know youtube-dl can do its stuff on this machine.

    I'm not using it here because I'm trying to sort out this 'download a mix' thing.

    So I've got youtube-dl installed in a 'PATH' folder in the C: - which is added to the system PATH environment variable - which is a trick I got off the web so's I can run it from anywhere.

    Maybe the problem's there somewhere. I'll post this now I've got it writ but I'll go see what happens if I run it directly from its PATH folder and see what happens if I put it somewhere like root D: and run it from there.

    eventually I want to get that mix. Even if I have to download 100 files to get 20.


    Ah.. it is working fine now.

    I put it in a specially made dir on C: 'Testytdl' and I went there in powershell and I removed my config files and I took the -o out of the command line and I ran the command.

    And there's some lovely music appearing in there right now.

    So I won't delete this post even if that's possible because I'd love to know what was wrong before... but there's no drama, no pressure, no hurry... I'm getting 'em.

    and I'm all smiles.
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