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  1. Hi everybody. I've been dealing with issue for a while now. Hopefully someone can help me finally put this to rest. I'm using PotPlayer with LAV filters and MadVR. When I use MadVR as my renderer while playing a video, TAB will no longer bring up the on-screen info as it should. I've gone through the settings in both PotPlayer and MadVR over and over and I can't figure it out.

    I'm using the built in DXVA decoder, and using DXVA in MadVR for chroma downscaling.

    Also in MadVR:
    Chroma and image upscaling are set to Lanczos 3 taps (activate AR checked).
    I have auto fullscreen mode enabled on fastest mode.
    I currently have "Use DirectX 3D for presentation" checked, as well as "present a frame for every VSync".
    I believe the rest of the settings are the default settings.

    I'm also not sure that fullscreen exclusive mode is working for MadVR. It doesn't seem to be giving me that little "jump" after 3 seconds that I'm used to when it kicks in. MadVR shows up in the task tray when I play a video, so I'm pretty sure it's working, just not 100% properly. Also, if I get a notification while playing a video, it does make a sound, and I believe it's not supposed to if I'm watching a video in exclusive fullscreen mode.

    The video is playing smoothly and looks great, no problems there. It's just that I can't get the on screen info to work and I'm not sure if exclusive mode is working.

    I've fixed these problems before but I don't know what I did to fix them. I adjusted a few things and then a few days later the problem seemed to clear up by itself. I recently had to go back to an old image and unfortunately things aren't set quite right in that image, so I have to deal with this again. Is it possible that when I change settings in MadVR, they don't kick in right away? It seems like there might be some sort of delay, or maybe it's necessary to restart PotPlayer or the OS to get the changes to take effect.

    So I'm very confused about all of this. If there's any more info I can give to help understand my situation, please let me know.

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  2. Upon reading this a few weeks later I realize how scattered and disjointed this post was. Sorry about that. I've played around a bit more and I have come to find that my beloved on screen info comes back if I go into filter priority in Potplayer and set MadVR to " set merit" (@ the default value of 00200000 - I have no idea what this means) rather than "prefer". My on screen info says that MadVR is still my video renderer, so it seems I'm all set. My question, though, is about the "prefer" vs "set merit" setting. All the setup guides say to set it to prefer. Is it okay that I have it on "set merit"? Will MadVR work properly when set this way?
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