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  1. Hi!

    Im interested in working with the analog signal from my camcorder, recording it as audio, manipulating it and export/encode it as sd video.
    Is this possible?
    IE; Not using a capturing device but rather audio input.

    Best Regards
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    A baseband video signal contains frequencies up to 4 MHz. Audio circuitry is designed to handle frequencies up to 20 kHz.
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  3. Well... if you can slower your video 625 times then yes... As already mentioned audio input will allow you to capture video with resolution of single line (imagine video like 1.408 pixel wide and 625 lines tall) There is possibility to use audio signal to transfer very high resolution video (or rather pictures) and it is called SSTV - theoretically if you have plenty of time then you can capture video with audio input. (Sample&Hold circuit + still frame buffer + synchronization circuit responsible for selection successive points in line).

    as video is not different than audio (i mean difference is 2d vs 1d) then you think about transferring audio as video and video to audio - for example - you can use graphic editor to change audio (apply filtering etc).
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