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  1. Hi, I need to download a movie from but the problem is, i tried it by looking after the mp4video link in developer tools, but i didnt find it. So i searched for the m3u8 document and tried to stream it with vlc but it didn't work, can somebody help me please?
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  2. I was able to download a trailer on that website with Tubedigger (free Tubedigger trial downloads 50% of the video). To download the whole movie from that website, I believe you need login credentials. However, it is possible that the whole movie (as opposed to the trailer) has some kind of encryption that makes it more difficult to download.
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    Stream detector plugin for firefox can pick up the .m3u8 streams from this site.

    F.e. i tried this movie:

    The plugin gave me link to .m3u8 (highest qiality)
    Then you can extract the video with f.e. FFMPEG

    ffmpeg -i -c:v copy -c:a copy output_file.mp4
    It may take some time,but it will download it. You may see couple of https errors in console,but they're not important,i was able to download it fully without problems.
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