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  1. I'm about to export a movie edited with Magix Video Deluxe. It has a “limiter” feature, which is supposed to prevent the audio from clipping, but it is located on an extra “Mastering suite” window, which, quite annoyingly, can't be hidden behind the main window or minimized when it's opened. In a former version, it had to be opened for the “limiter” effect to be effectively effective, but the layout of that module is completely different in the newer version I'm currently using. To verify if it's still the case (and verify if there are any obvious issues with the audio) I exported a WAV file of the whole movie 1) with the “limiter” enabled but the “Mastering suite” window closed afterward, 2) with the “limiter” on and the “Mastering suite” window open, 3) with the “limiter” disabled, then opened the three files in Audacity, which displays red lines where there is clipping on a wave form.
    And what I found out is quite puzzling :
    – there are red lines for all three files ;
    – the three files have a different pattern or red lines ;
    – for the second file, which should be guaranteed to have no clipping, there are some red lines which are not found in the other two, even the one with the “limiter” disabled...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20151224 export audio MVD [1] avec limiteur activé mais fenêtre “Mastering Suite” non affi.png
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    Is Audacity reliable to assess this ? If not, what is ? If yes, how can this be explained ? Should it be a concern ?
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  2. Zoom in, select the clipped part, apply the "Clip fix" Effect or try to reduce the amplification at that selected part.
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  3. Limiter may not work as normalize but as mild compressor (i.e. imitating tube/valve behaviour) - all depends how you define "clipping"... normalize you signal to -3.0103dBFS (i.e. loss of 0.5 bit from overall audio signal resolution - acceptable with 16 bit and more) and everything should be fine (if you are interested in theory then search for crest factor + dBFS).
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