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    So in my quest to record NTSC footage on my PAL Digital8 camcorder (which, if you don't know, can record an NTSC stream from FireWire without trouble, my computer simply refuses to send it), I downloaded GraphStudioNext. I'm able to stream PAL DV to the camcorder without trouble, but when I try it with NTSC video, it says "format incompatibility." Well, actually, when I try to connect the AVI splitter to the camcorder, it says "No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection." Long story short, I now realize that the problems I've been having are due to the input pin on the camcorder's DirectShow filter being incompatible with NTSC data. The filter "expects" PAL data as an input.

    So does anyone know how to bypass that and allow the filter to accept NTSC or PAL DV?

    Alternatively, does anyone know of any devices on the market that can play DV-AVI from an SD card through FireWire? Like an SD-card-based DV recorder/player?
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