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  1. Dear forum colleagues
    I have an MP4 video file that will not display correctly in subtitle edit even though it is alright in VLC.
    Please do you think someone might advise if there is a fix to this or maybe advice what might be the cause of the issue with this particular mp4 file because I managed to get other mp4 files displaying alright in subtitle edit. Its just that one file. I have attached a screenshot of the situation to illustrate the matter.

    As one can see the video file display is not the full depth and detail of the video is not discernable properly. It is not possible to manage subtitling on it
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    ian c
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    Are you configured to use the VLC player in SE?
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  3. Yeah, the default DirectShow player might be a bit wonky depending on your OS configuration and (not) installed DirectShow filters or their merits. You could try to compare your mp4 files with e.g. MediaInfo to look for differences. Maybe then you get some hints.

    Of course you could try to install some more DS filters, change their merits and whatnot. But: is there any reason you need the DirectShow player in the first place? I'd just stick with mpv instead of messing with the OS configuration.
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