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  1. I am using the AviUtl editor. I want to blur or pixelate a small area of the screen. Just like the pixelation they do in Japanese porn videos. How can I do that? I prefer a round area but a square one will do.
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  2. Did you want it to move, or is it static area ?

    The filter effect is called "mosaic"

    Use 2 layers . Layer 1 is the original video . Layer 2 is a copy of the video with the mosaic filter applied . (Layer order is "reversed" in aviutl compared to other programs; higher track numbers are on "top") .

    Then apply the mask filter effect, after the mosaic filter effect on layer 2. You can select "circle" shape (or another shape) and adjust the parameters like position , size . It's keyframeable. There are ways to use animated masks though the "scene" selection, I think I posted a tutorial in the aviutl threads
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