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  1. I am having a problem with artifacts being introduced. When I try to antialias the video, the colors or image is getting a TON of artifacts or splotches on them. I have tried multiple setting adjustments for santiag and the only way I could reduce it or not get it was changing the strv and strh to 0 which makes using it pointless. If I left strh=1 and made strv=0, it still happens but was less visible.

    What is the cause of the artifacts and is there anything I can do about it? I do not see any mask to adjust in Santiag.

    Here is an example image. I have zoomed it in for easier visuals. Its very easy to see in the neck and ear area around the center of the image.

    I am currently using it like this for the example above.

    santiag(strh=1, strv=1, nsize=5, nns=4, scaler_post="LanczosResize")
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  2. I have just tried every single version of Santiag from v1.0 up to v1.6 and they all do the same thing I am referring to above. I am beginning to wonder if its another plugin that it relies on that's causing this to happen. Perhaps one of them is buggy or needs a different version?
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  3. Make yourself an edge mask to protect areas that aren't edges.

    Overlay(last, Santiag(), mask=mt_edge().Blur(1.0).Blur(1.0).Blur(1.0))
    Or try another antialiaser.
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  4. I used xaa with santiag mimic preset, then set mask from 0 to 1 which is process edges only, and it worked wonders. For whatever reason, when santiag processes entire image, it makes all those artifacts and halos, but edges only mask worked.

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  5. Is mt_edge mask any better than the TEMmod mask that xaa uses? I'm asking because xaa allows me to set it for mt_edge and I would prefer it if it is better.
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  6. I'm not familiar with TEMmod. Which is better probably depends on how you use them.
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  7. Try this:
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