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    Got a DVK-100 (thanks Lordsmurf!), set it up and have been playing around with it, but there are a few things that I'm not sure if they are useful for restoration. After reading the manual, it seems the most useful thing is the color processor, which is really nice. I have many indoor tapes that are too dark, and not white balanced so the bright and tint are perfect. I'm not sure if any of the chroma keys or level/density button can be used to fix certain things? And it seems the window adjustment is not needed for anything. So any tips on how to make the most of the DVK would be most welcome.
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  2. I know this is an old thread but keen to understand the same. I'm picking up a local DVK-100 for decent price (assuming it works).

    I know LS talks about having some of these for sale modded/preset but are these largely set and forget devices when it comes to using purely the TBC functionality. If I can avoid out of sync audio that'll feel like real progress.

    Aside from setting the right pins, what other adjustments need to be made? Majority of functionality seems to be related to the keying functionality. I'll be capturing to Huffyuv encoded AVI so any colour tweaking I assume i can do afterwards, unless there is value to using the options on the DVK?

    Setup will be Philips VR1000 (line TBC)/Sony Digtal 8 camcorder (line TBC) -> svideo -> (optional ES15) -> svideo -> DVK-100
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