I am looking your help. I have a collection of UHD movies which I own which I stream via my Dune 4k Player. I just copy the complete disk as an Image to the NAS drives and mount the iso.

My problem is that my daughter as also got a dune which can play Blu-ray 1080p but not UHD Blu-ray 4k 2160P.

I was using DVDfab to convert from UHD to Blu-ray but the program as a 50gb limit which i do not want to compress. Please see pictures attached.

Can Ripbot264 convert UHD to bluray without compressing. I want to keep the Dolby True HD 7.1 sound track and all subtitles.

I have upload link to BD info on file I am working with. Please anybody advise me what setting I should use to keep Blu-ray structure so I can use imgburn to make new blu-ray iso.


Any help woould be appeciated on what setting I should use on the Ripbot.