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  1. Anyone have experience downloading Vimeo videos?
    I Would love to hear about your own experiences!

    As someone who is interested in downloading Vimeo videos embedded on a forum,
    what are some key relevant information I should find out first?
    Especially in regards to the question of finding out whether the video is even downloadable or not?
    What are the various levels of protections Vimeo (its users) employs to prevent downloads and how we could bypass it during our testing?

    The Vimeo videos I'm interested in testing are hosted on a forum and (from what my friend told me) uses mpeg-dash. I'm not 100% certain yet though

    I am familiar with browser plugins and am familiar with the manual method of "View Page Source" for finding links and the subsequent downloading via wget or youtube-dl from linux command line, but can all videos be downloaded this way? or are some harder to get or near impossible due to the security features applied to them?

    How are mpeg-dash files? are they easy to download from Vimeo? What typical security features are applied these kind of videos?
    How would you go about it?

    Just doing some research right now :P
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  2. If the producer wants you to be able to download their videos, there is a download button on the site, generally with several resolution options. Making this available is Vimeo's default. If there isn't a download option -- you shouldn't.
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