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    Hi guys,

    really noob question, but I spent a week finding anything and got nothing.

    I picked up eight old screens, some old Nvidia 290 graphics cards and some wood. The result looks like this:

    [Attachment 47533 - Click to enlarge]

    ... and yes, I'm gonna do a lengthy How-To on it.

    Now, this is supposed to be a "window to everywhere", i.e. playing back some 4k video. split to all 8 screens.

    Now, this is obviosly more complicated than I thought.

    - I could crop the video into parts, then play 8 videos.
    disadvantages: CPU load, sychronicity, re-compression loss

    - I could set up vlc to split the video and play on different screens. I found a tutorial for linux, but I have no idea about Linux, can't get all 8 screens working at once, and VLC doesn't "pad" the area between the screens as if it were a window with wooden things in between... but pretends it's one large screen. Doesn't work on 2 screens, so gave up on Linux.

    TO emphasize this problem:

    Let's say we habe a Video with a 12x5 resolution. I have 3x2 screens. There is a distance between the screens. I want to "skip" the parts you can't see due to physical lack of screen.

    I have no idea how to do that.

    Happy for any suggestions. Happy for any links. Happy for any Google search terms - happy with any SOFTWARE solution.

    My total project costs are currently 16 for wood and screws, 21 for the Nvidia 290 GFX cards and 45 for an Dell 3010 i3 SFF desktop. I'm sure my hardware is fine for what I need to be doing, and I know I could buy a 1.000 65" TV to the same effect. But I want to get this working.
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    You could use a couple of Matrox C420 4-head video cards. They can be ganged for perfect sync and come with software that adjusts for display spacing.
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