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    After making AVI files that will play back on my DVD player and on my computer I discovered most programs can't read the metadata in AVI files into their library, they instead look for a accompanying NFO. I made two scripts in abcAVI to generate a NFO from the already present metadata. attached is one template for movies and one for TV shows. the following AVI tags are used:

    Episode/Movie name = Title
    TV Show = Director
    Season = Subject
    Plot = Comment
    IMDB TTxxxx number = Movie URL
    Episode # = Part
    1st Genre = Genre
    2nd Genre = Secondary Genre
    Movie Year = Creation Date

    The exported NFO works great in Tiny Media Manager and Kodi. You can bulk drop AVI's and it will write seperate NFO's as long as you specify $(INAM).nfo as the output.

    I know AVI and xvid is outdated as all heck, but it is the only format that plays on everything I own. That if you embed the info in the AVI from the get go you can recreate a NFO without a internet connection. You still have to add the picture files if you want following the standard naming conventions (folder, fanart,discart)

    Hope someone besides me finds this useful, if not no worries.

    [Attachment 47528 - Click to enlarge]

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    [Attachment 47530 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 47531 - Click to enlarge]
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    if all else fails read the manual
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