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  1. Originally Posted by Creeepa View Post
    Hey Guys,

    Got roughly the same idea as the OP.

    I have got a speaker that i would like to connect 2 Devices to.

    Ive got a sound system, were i would like to connect the aux from my Tv and the AUX for a bluetooth to Aux adapter so i could watch TV when i want or switch to hear music with my Phone over the bluetooth to aux adapter. I dont intend to run them at the same time. What would you guys recommend, is a simple aux splitter doing the trick or would it be to risky.

    Thanks in advance
    You're talking about line level outputs? What connectors? For 3.5mm stereo pin plug as is used for most computer speakers, something like this A/B switch:

    For RCA connectors:

    The latter also switches composite video (yellow connectors) but you can just ignore that.
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    Yeah sorry for not mentioning it, i got 2x 3.5 aux cables that i would like to run on the speaker and asked if its enough to get a simple y 3.5 splitter. I want them both to be connected at the same time but only use one input at a time.

    Thanks for the suggestion, so i would defentley need to run some sort of mixer for this ?
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  3. The devices I recommended are just passive A/B switches. Essentially the same as disconnecting one cable from the speaker and attaching the other -- just easier. Using an A/B switch is much safer (for the devices) than using a Y adapter cable. You shouldn't feed the output of one device into the output of another device (the signals don't know which way to go through the Y splitter -- they go both ways) -- though you can probably get away with it.

    An active mixer is the safest of all and will let you adjust levels (in case one device is louder than the other). A mixer will present the correct levels and loads on each input and output.
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