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  1. I purchased a used Panasonic GH2. The original CD is missing, so I don't have the dedicated software, which should be PhotoFunStudio 6.0, and I can't find it anywhere for download (I've searched twice already, just spent an hour searching with various keywords and came up with nothing relevant). On Panasonic's website, I can find an update for that software, but not the software itself, and of course the update doesn't work if the whole thing is not installed first. First, is there a reason for that ? Is Panasonic specifically preventing users from downloading their software for higher-end cameras ? For compact cameras like the ZS7 I could find and download the original software quite easily.
    Then, if I really can't find that software, what is the recommended way of importing AVCHD / MTS files with this model ? Of course I can just copy the files as they are, but the naming scheme is not convenient, and spanned files won't be recognized as such. With the ZS3/ZS7, the PhotoFunStudio software imported the files in a convenient way, renaming them according to time of recording, along with three metadata files – although I don't know their exact purpose (one of them is just a thumbnail picture), it seems thorough, while being easier to handle than having to keep the whole AVCHD directory structure, which is often recommanded on forums when a similar question is asked. And spanned files are recognized as such, so they are exported with the same base name and an incremental number for each one after the first. Of course, the version of PhotoFunStudio which works with those compact cameras refuses to import the videos from the GH2. I also have a Panasonic camcorder, which comes with a different software, HD Writer, same functionality but no compatibility either. If AVCHD is a standard, how come there are no standard softwares to import those damn files and working with all camera models ?
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  2. Any decent NLE software will handle your spanned files -- Avid, Premiere, Vegas Pro. (In this case do NOT use Resolve. It does not like many kinds of spanned files.) Yes, you should import the entire card structure.

    For amateur NLEs, you should be able to butt the files together manually without too much trouble.
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  3. Any decent NLE software will handle your spanned files -- Avid, Premiere, Vegas Pro.
    Those are more than “decent” products.

    Yes, you should import the entire card structure.
    That's very inconvenient, because it prevents from sorting the files by category, or by date, or by anything other than “this was recorded on that card up until the totally arbitrary moment where it was transferred to the computer”. And it gets even more complicated when using the same card with different AVCHD devices, which all use the same nondescript five digits incremental naming scheme in the same “STREAM” folder. This is the only video format for which this is the generally advised method. Why is that ? I mean, many cheap camcorders record in AVCHD nowadays, and they are bound to be used by people who know close to nothing about those file format intricacies.

    For amateur NLEs, you should be able to butt the files together manually without too much trouble.
    With Magix Video Deluxe, I stitch spanned files with TSMuxer and it works well (except that it adds unnecessary clutter while editing), but one has to know which ones are spanned, which is tricky if they are named 00000.MTS ... 00025.MTS for instance. With the Panasonic ZS3/ZS7, using PhotoFunStudio, I got files named for instance :
    20140821_153654(002).m2ts ;
    and with the Panasonic SD90 camcorder, using HD Writer, I get files named for instance :
    2018-05-17_142540(1).m2ts ;
    is there something that can produce a similar result with the GH2, beside that elusive PhotoFunStudio 6.0 software ?
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