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    Cheers to all.
    I have an dilemma.Is there any way to export a .TS movie file in virtualdub 2 after editing that file.?
    I ask this because I have a movie in .ts format with 3.59gib and after I editing this .ts file(cutting some scenes) I go to video-direct stream copy,audio same and when I try to export in the same .ts file virtualdub2 is saving the file with the same intial space 3.59gib and same runtime,no matters If I cut half movie.Jessus.Why?Vdub2 is not saving settings after I editing a .ts file and I try to export in the same format.Virtualdub2 canot save settings correctly with .ts file?Where I wrong?Also I try to set full processing mode on video and audio,same result.I don t want to use any compression,i want just export in the same .ts file of the movie after editing,and I don t want compression because any compression result in lose the original quality of movie.
    thanks in advance,
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