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  1. Hi All,
    I have hurd, Manzanita Systems have have discontinued their operations, So wouldn't be selling New Software / Support for the Product hence forth.
    My Workflow requires Elementary Video / Audio streams to be Encoded & then Muxed using the manzanita TS Muxer.
    So if anybody can guide me with the alternative for manzanita TS muxing solutions.
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  2. There is no alternative for Manzanita - you may try use ffmpeg or OpenCaster as muxer but all known to me tools have serious limitations. There is one (ok not only one but other are like DekTec SW) commercial alternative to Manzanita but IMHO very expensive and lower quality than Manzanita - Tektronix has such tools (after Adherent acquisition many years ago) but TEK multiplexer is very expensive (over 30k $) and side to this it is unable to properly mux variable bitrate elementary streams (more than 15 year old bug) as it is mainly focused on TS analysis.
    It is very strange that after 30 years when TS is present on market there is no decent open source muxer on market.
    You may try to buy tool from companies producing dedicated DVB equipment like Dektec
    But still nothing can match Manzanita quality.
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  3. I understand this thread is just over 1 year old, but just wondering how you ended up resolving your issues. I currently use multiple Manzanita products in my processes, but want\need to begin to replace them with actively supported products...and ones that aren't excessively priced (not that Manz products were cheap, but they were necessary).
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