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  1. I have finally decided to convert these family tapes to CDs and have used a service to do so. Unfortunately for me, the camera I have no longer functions so I cannot view the remainder of my tapes to see if they are blank or not. Is there an alternative available to view these tapes that does not involve trying to get the 15 +years old camera repaired?
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  2. If your camera still functions to the point that it can move the tape, you might try hitting "play" while you insert a tape that you know contains video. Then, watch the time display. It should count upward. For most (possibly all) 8mm camcorders, if the tape is blank, the counter will not advance. Thus, even if you can't see anything on the display, you'll still be able to know if each tape contains video.

    Another possibility is to get a camcorder on eBay. You should be able to get one that functions for about $50.
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