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  1. Any programs that can simply take an M2TS file and give me some small clip without re-encoding?

    Everything I have seen wants to re-encode the file along with cutting\making the clip.

    I need something that will leave everything completely un-touched, make a small 3-4 minute clip including all of the audio tracks & subtitle tracks.

    VLC player I saw has a somewhat editing feature of recording a clip but it does not handle very large 30+ GB files (it refuses to open them) - I tried newest and old versions

    Tsmuxer used to be go to program to do this for me but for some reason now on this Windows 10 machine when making a cut\clip to the M2TS it fails to include the enclosed subtitle file (allowing it to mux the entire thing will work fine) - tried newest and old versions all are same result.

    The program does not need to be free, I just need something that can easily make small clips leaving everything un-touched\as-is.

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  2. DGIndexNV 'File/Output Trimmed TS' is one option. It's part of DGDecNV, which requires an nVidia graphics card and a small donation.
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  3. Thanks for that, I'll check that one out looks promising.

    In the meantime I have found a work-around to my issue with Tsmuxr.

    I noticed if you allowed it to go the whole way and demux the entire M2TS the subs are intact, so instead of "cutting" if you choose split by whatever size you want you'll get the entire stream in clip portions and then I can just choose the clip I want.

    This works for me at this time, but of course if you wanted a specific time-frame of a clip this would not work at all.
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