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    No I was referring to banjazzer's tip on extracting the audio and video separately in Graphedit. But before that, I did try your guide. But I had problems so I PMed you as well as posted comments to your guide. Please go check.

    And, nevermind about my problems with Graphedit. I managed to convert my audio to MP3 using another software and it's working fine. Just need help with adding the subtitle text stream.
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  2. Are you gonna add Selectable or Permanent Subtitles stream to your SVCD...yes I replied back.
    Check out my guide on converting .OGM format to an SVCD with Selectable Subtitles and Multiple Audio tracks.
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  3. I'm trying to do this seperately as one of the posters said but I can find no filter called 'Wav Dest' that goes between the Vorbis Decoder and File Writer. Where is this supposed to be and what is its full name?

    edit: i feel so dumb. In order to see Wav Dest (and some other filters) you need to run register.bat that came with Graphedit. Graphedit will run fine without it, you just won't see those few filters.
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  4. Hi everyone.
    Thanks for instruction. It was really easy to convert ogm to avi using graphedit. I subtitude the audio window media 2 for mpeg 3 and change avu mux from none to full, and that work great for me. However, I can't seem to get the subtitle in the avi. I would appreciate very much if anyone can show me how to do this.
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  5. Originally Posted by Jimy_T
    The only thing I've ever done with those types of movies has been:
    1. Change the extension to .avi
    2. Decompress, only the audio with avi2vcd
    3. Use tmpegenc to encode to vcd

    Works every time with no synch problems at all...need to have all the filters and codecs installed etc...but alot of posters are including them in their posts as a support folder.
    you may need to boost the priority in the environmental settings/VFAPI Plug-in...not too sure, but mine is set at 2 for Direct Show Multi media (don't remember why I changed it but there WAS a, 2 for TMPEGEnc Project File reader(never changed that one) and 0 for all the others...Not sure if this has anything to do with it but thought I should mention it anyways...

    Give it a shot!

    Seriously, This is by far the easiest way of converting your OGG file to VCD's. It is way simpler than the circuit diagrams drawn while using Giraf-Edit (The giraf is on purpose since the processes are as long as the giraf's neck) Anyway, but we appreciate the effort though.

    Now I also need some help. While I decompress the audio using AVI2VCD decompress option, the voice disappears somehwere in between. Can someone tell me why? Or How Can I avoid this from happeneing.

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  6. Adendum: -
    I have observed that the voice disappears around 26 or 27 minutes of the of the decompressed-audio avi. This is funny! I also reinstalled my ogm codec but it did not work.

    One more observation is that when I play the ogm movie with DivX Player, and try to forward the movie ahead, the voice disappears. Is that normal? What am I missing?

    Please help.
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  7. These directions work if you change the audio compressor. I used the PCM audio compressor, but the resulting file size is double the original. You could try others and look for a smaller resulting file size since it only takes a few minutes to perform on a 2.4 g/hz
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  8. I seem to have a problem when I'm going to connect the boxes. They suddenly disapear. Why is that? I tried to Render the media file again but an error message always appears? Guys help me out?
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  9. I am back
    So now I have this OGM file which my TMpgEnc does not like very much. As a ritual I renamed my OGM file as AVI and then I try to load it on TMpgEnc and then I get an error aying it cannot open or it is unsupported.
    I opened the AVI file (OGM renamed as AVI file) with VituaDub and the file info is given in the image below.

    I want to convert the OGM to SVCD which I am unable to. Any suggestions please?

    Also, it came into my notice that I always believed that TMpgEnc did not support any audio sampling rate but 44100. Now I think all the previous OGMs I have encoded using the simple process of rename to AVI and then encode using TMpgEnc have been 48000Hz also. My question is, when I try to encode a normal AVI with 48000 Hz sound sampling rate directy with TMpgEnc then the mpg is soundless but with OGM I still get the sound. How is this possible? Can someone shed some light on this?

    Also, GSpot is also not giving any Codec info as it claim the OGM is unsupposrted.

    Appreciating all replies
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    Originally Posted by kani
    "The graph could not change state. The sample start time is after the sample end time"

    If you have this error use "Windows Media Audio V2" from the AUDIO COMPRESSOR filters!

    It works better than MPEG-layer 3 !!!

    Good luck
    I successfully converted my OGM to AVI like you said, then should I convert this AVI to MPEG?
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