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  1. Hi, please consider I'm a cat.

    kindly can you tell me if intel quicksync over kaby/coffee lake chipset support H264 4:2:2 encoding?

    and mjpeg?

    does anyone have a simple sample of few seconds of H264 and mjpeg video encoded using quicksync of this platforms?

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  2. Seem that Intel Quicksync supports only 4:2:0 sampling scheme... (supported pixel formats are nv12 and qsv - both are 4:2:0).
    Currently only NVidia is most versatile and affordable HW encoder - latest NVEnc generation should be able deliver decent quality at sane bitrate. Don't get me wrong - i have no NVidia HW but comparing all 3 available for consumer HW encoders only NVidia seem to deliver best solution. Intel and particularly AMD are way behind.
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