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  1. There was a big Update to MeGUI a couple of days ago and I now find that when I load two jobs, they're only being done one at a time. I thought it would be an easy fix but not so - the section that seems to be relevant is only half there and I can't change it. Any ideas, anyone? Thank you.
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  2. Yeah, I think that might have been a case of fixing something that wasn't broken.
    There's two ways to set the maximum number of simultaneous jobs. For multiple video jobs you'd need to remove the video worker rule and add a new one.

    On the right you can also set the maximum number of parallel jobs for all worker rules.

    I did lots of complaining after the update, because it changed the way temporary workers functioned. Previously you could send multiple jobs to a temporary worker and it'd run them one at a time, so I often sent some jobs to temporary worker 1 and some to temporary worker 2 etc. That way you have some control over which jobs will run simultaneously, and you don't necessarily need to start the queue as such. Temporary workers don't follow the worker rules.

    After the update, temporary workers couldn't be assigned multiple jobs, and you could only run one temporary worker at a time. So I bitched about it and I think Zather said he'd reinstate the old temporary worker functionality. I don't know if he has as I haven't checked yet, but try running more than one temporary worker or sending multiple jobs to each one.
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  3. Hi hello_hello and thanks for that.
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  4. I'm no further forward despite having found a way to change the digit in the bottom left of the Options box. As you can see, I now have Audio Jobs, Video Jobs and Muxer Jobs set to 2 but, after queueing two scripts and clicking Start, they still run one at a time. Is there any way of running two projects without waiting for the author of MeGUI to 'roll back'? Thanks.
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  5. Unless they're OneClick Encoder jobs (which I don't use myself), unfortunately I have no idea. All I did was delete the existing video rule and add a new one as you did, and then clicked the Start button to run the queue, and as you can see....

    Running two video jobs together in individual temporary workers also works for me. Right click on the first job and run it in a temp worker, then do the same for the second job. You can also send multiple jobs to the same temp worker and it'll run them one at a time, so Zathor has restored the old temp worker behaviour, fortunately.
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